You can deploy on Windows 10 with MDT?

Will we be able to deploy Windows 10 with MDT?
Could we use the same task sequences ( with windows 10 instead 8 )?
Do we need an update of the toolkit?


Short answers:

Yes, you will we be able to deploy Windows 10 with MDT.

In a very general sense, you COULD use an existing task sequence, swapping Windows 8 for Windows 10 at the “Install Operating System” step. But you will need to test it and see how it goes. I usually recommend creating a new task sequence instead of modifying an existing one.

You DO need to update the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit in order to deploy Windows 10:

I would recommend applying the unsupported workaround in the blog post above. Once Microsoft releases the final version of MDT 2013 Update 1, you can then transition your MDT environment to it.

Source : Link , Question Author : Periney , Answer Author : Frank Lesniak

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