MDT Litetouch.vbs Windows Deployment Wizard doesn’t show any Task Sequence

I am trying to work on the MDT LTI deployment of Windows 10 in a lab environment according to MSFT document Everything else worked fine so far, but now I am stuck at this stage where I am trying to deploy Windows 10 on PC1 that’s a Windows 7 machine. When I run the … Read more

Microsoft Deployment Toolkit: Missing install.wim for windows 8.1

I’m trying to setup a windows 8.1 deployment using Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2013 but I’m having trouble importing the operating system files. The sources directory in the Windows 8.1 installation disk contains an “install.esd” file, and not an “install.wim” file. I have gathered that install.esd is an encrypted version of install.wim and the only way … Read more

UltraVNC intigration with MDT

I’m trying to get UltraVNC integrated with WinPE to allow remote control over deployments in MDT 2012. These are the steps I’ve taken so far. Extracted winvnc.exe, vnchooks.dll to a directory that will place them into %SystemRoot%\System32 on WinPE when I update my deployment share. Created a ultravnc.ini file and added that in as well. … Read more

Windows Server 2008R2 WDS using MDT added applications but they arent installing

Not important information: I’ve a MDT server 2010 setup on a Windows 2008 R2 server I’ve configured DHCP for PXE and its working fine I’ve a custom Scheduled task configured to set my keyboard, display and join the domain correctly I’ve the CAB files added for all the different laptops and they deploy The scheduled … Read more

LiteTouch WinPE x64 file shows up as x86 Architecture

recently at my new job I have been setting up a deployment server to decrease the time we spend imaging our machines. After installing WDS and getting everything else online, I noticed when I go to import the built LiteTouch images in the Server Manager, that the LiteTouchPE_x64.wim file is imported as an x86 architecture. … Read more

MDT does not automatically select the correct task sequence on reboot of client system

I have a pretty good (automated) MDT setup (with no SCCM) but when the client computer reboots, it asks for the task list that it needs to execute. I want it to keep choosing the same task sequence until the task sequence is done (it reboots multiple times). How would I accomplish this? Extra info: … Read more