How can I force a VirtualBox VM to reload after a crash?

How to force virtualbox to reload it ?


Dump VIrtualBox and use a proper virtualization technology.

To start with:

it crash!

Ok, now I am not used to VirutalBox – I use Hyper-V and have experience with VmWare, and outside a power or hardware failures I never had any of my servers just crash.

  1. You likely have borked drivers.
  2. Proper server virtualization products support autostart. Xen, XVM, Hyper-V, VmWare. All have a free version even. VirtualBox is not a server system. It was not planned as one, not programmed to be one.

Dump VirtualBox, install some proper Hypervisor, be happy.

Source : Link , Question Author : stighy , Answer Author : Chris S

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