Sniffing at work- How to detect

Is there any way to tell if on a Vista 64-bit machine:

1) In system logs some identification that would tell me that someone might log into my PC such as an Admin

2) Something in the logs that would give me a flag about maybe I’m being monitored some other way?

3) How can I be sure that my gmail, hotmail, and chat is not being sniffed. I know there are things like Simp, etc. I’m talking about specific hidden system signs either in registry or logs.

Obviously I’m not going to raise any suspicion by me asking our network admin. I don’t trust anyone at this company.

is there a good way to basically monitor for this as an end user? Could someone log in and basically watch me work and if so, would there be any goodies left behind for me to find out if this has happened other than visual signs which would not be present…maybe some running processes?


Nothing you do on your local area network is private. Nothing. If someone is sniffing traffic at the router, you can’t tell. If someone has attached a hub and is using a promiscuous sniffer, you can’t tell. This is the reality of being on a corporate network.

That said, there are usually some exceptions.

If you are visiting a website that uses SSL or TLS encryption, then the content of your messages is probably safe. They will know WHERE the content is heading, but not what is in it. This can be compromised by something called ‘man-in-the-middle’ attack, but that requires intimate knowledge of the network. That said, if it’s your own IT manager who’s doing it, it’s a possibility.

The fact of the matter is that all this monitoring happens outside the realm of your local machine, which means that it’s undetectable.

Whether or not it is legal for your employer to do this to you though is another matter, and it varies GREATLY depending on where you live (UK, USA, Australia, etc)

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