What are the five built in groups in Windows Server 2008?

What are the five groups that come built into Windows Server 2008 for administrating your server? I think they’re: Administrator Group Machines Accounts I’m kind of of lost here. Answer Here is the list of well known security identifiers. These following groups are present on the local computer and are typically used for administering your … Read more

Please help to amend this script that can automatically reboot server by condition

Please could someone help me to correct below scripts that can automatically reboot Centos 5 server once the memory less than 85 and server load over 3. I found this script via Google,I checked it and found there are syntax errors,but I know nothing on bash script programming,so I need your help ,thanks in advance … Read more

what is the best way to backup mysql database? using a mysql existing tool or technique?

The database has million of records, and will need to be backed up every data entry from the user. Answer For small databases I’m personally use phpMyAdmin. For bigger databases (SQL dump is, let’s say, more than 5MB) I prefer backing up from command line using standard MySQL tool mysqldump: mysqldump -h localhost -u username … Read more