Login fails silently on system restart, after adding new module to /etc/pam.d/common-auth

I am attempting to add an auth-only PAM module (poldi, to support login via GPG SmartCards). The way I have it configured works perfectly well for most authentication use-cases: sudo unlocking a locked screen logging in after logging out However, it fails when logging in after a system restart. It acts as though the challenge … Read more

Nautilus sees duplicate shares in 18.04

Nautilus is displaying 2 icons/items for some, but not all systems on the network. Here is how I got where I am. The original problem was Nautilus would display only the two NAS devices on the network in the “Network Servers” windows and nothing in the “Windows Networks” window. This resulted in one RaspberryPI (running … Read more

git grep output is buffered. Why?

I run git grep for the first time on a large tree (the Linux kernel). This takes a long time to run. If I cancel with ctrl+C before it finishes, often it immediately shows a line it found. Why did git grep not show the line immediately, when it found it? $ rpm -q git … Read more

“dmesg: klogctl failed: Operation not permitted” appears every time terminal is opened

I am experiencing an issue on Kubuntu 18.10 where every time I open any form of terminal (Konsole, Yakuake, Xterm) I receive the message dmesg: klogctl failed: Operation not permitted in the terminal window. I have tried unrestricing dmesg but the message keeps appearing. Anyone have any ideas what could be causing this? Thanks Answer … Read more

How can I get the Similar Package list from the terminal?

On the Ubuntu packages website (as well as on the Debian packages website), the page for each package contains a list of “similar packages.” For example, on the page for Kate in the Bionic repository, the sidebar on the right provides a list of similar packages: nedit juffed ne juffed-plugins libjuff0.10 juffed-dev libjuffed-engine-qsci0.10 scribes kate-data … Read more

Install gcc for MIPS MUSL on Ubuntu 16.04

I don’t have the file: ld-musl-mips-sf.so which is required by a MIPS binary which I need to execute I have already installed: gcc-mips-linux-gnu on my machine. How do I install the “musl” version of gcc-mips on Ubuntu? Thanks. Answer AttributionSource : Link , Question Author : Neon Flash , Answer Author : Community