Nested VM in XenServer

I am new to XenServer. I am having problems getting nested VM to work in my environment. Here is my scenario:

I got XenServer 7.6.0 (Free version) running on a bare metal box (SuperServer 1028R-WC1R). VT-d is enabled in the BIOS.
I am running Windows 10 x64 guest VM and I’m trying to run another VM inside it using Virtualbox or Hyper-v.

So far, I’ve followed the following guides to enable nested VM in the guest but no luck:

Nested Virtualization in Citrix XenServer
Enabling Nested Virtualization in Citrix XenServer

After enabling nested VM using these guides, the guest blue screens when I try to run the newly created nested VM using Virtualbox. While I get this error message when trying to run a newly created nested VM using hyper-v:

The Virtual Machine Management Service failed to start the virtual machine because one of the Hyper-V components is not running.

In Windows 10 guest VM, I checked Windows Task Manager -> Performance and I don’t see the option Virtualization enabled in there.

I came cross this thread too: Nested Virtualization in Xen but I wasn’t able to edit the VM config file and am not sure if this is even applied to my case.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance for your help.


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