Layout for virtualisation of 50 desktops [closed]

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Server Crashes randomly [closed]

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Citrix not mapping printers with Office 2010 suite

Ran into a strange issue. User connects to Citrix via Web Interface. If the user starts up an Office 2003 app, their local printer maps and shows up just fine. If they open an Office 2010 app, there is no local printer being mapped. Has anyone run into this before? I couldn’t find any hotfix … Read more

HP t510 thin client displays additional buttons in taskbar when ie9 is opened

We have a new Citrix XenApp 6.5 installation. Our HP t510 thin clients display two additional buttons in the task bar when IE9 starts. When an additional tab is opened, another two buttons appear. The user cannot close the additional buttons. The extra buttons only display when IE9 is opened. x64 or 32-bit versions of … Read more

How to publish vmware VDI though Citrix Web Interface

I have a VMWARE Lab and CITRIX Lab and they work just fine, But is there a way I could publish VMWARE VDI Through Citrix Web Interface. I’ve XENAPP 6.5 and vSphere 5.1 and vmware stuff in place I’m trying to build a solution where VMWARE VDI could be access via Citrix Web Interface Thanks … Read more

making citrix run with squid

Scenario: Our employees are on on-site assignment with company X. Company X has placed them behind a squid proxy for any internet-related access. There are a couple of applications that our employees need to access via citrix hosted in our organization. If they access it using a data-card (so that they are directly on the … Read more

Citrix and Remote Desktop session showing inconsistency after some time – Windows 2003 Server

We have a lab server RDE becomes blank screen after sometime though it connects . When we login , it just shows the blank desktop with nothing visible , just the wallpaper . Citrix takes long time to connect and if it does ( it takes long time “checking credential ” screen even ) , … Read more