Using the middle mouse button to switch between workspaces in Gnome

In XFCE when I put the mouse over the workspace switcher in the taskbar and roll the middle mouse button, it switches the workspaces. When I do this in a Gnome session, nothing happens. So now what? Answer Mouse scroll workspace switch is Xfce4 feature. User can enable or disable switching by placing mouse over … Read more

virtualbox guest resolution resets to default after reboot

I’m using virtualbox 6.1 on windows 11 host and debian 11 guest, with the default Gnome window manager. After fresh install of the guest, the default resolution is 800 x 600, and I was able to easily change to 1680 x 1050 with no problem. I also installed the guest additions (successfully because clipboard sharing … Read more

Why does NetworkManger pop up even when i have correctly set up the configuration with uri set on Fedora 35?

I have been facing problem where a default browser window pops up saying and then immediately closes. Also the gnome wifi icon at the top right has a question mark on it. I know that I am connected to the internet because I have verified it. Where is the problem and how do I … Read more

What does Network Activities panel “Make available to other users” do?

From here I see that, somewhat counter-intuitively, disabling “Make available to other users” means that other users will be allowed to edit the connection? So enabled means that it allows other users to use the connection AND not be able to edit the connection. Disabled means that other users can use the connection (?) AND … Read more

Launch GUI application on remote host (Linux CentOS 8) via SSH

I’m having some questions trying to run an GUI app remotely from SSH. My Linux skills are limited and I’m having some issues trying to achieve it through the following scenario: I have a host with CentOS 8 and GNOME GUI attached to a TV, no mouse or keyboard attached to it (that’s the remote … Read more

Missing firmwares on Debian Gnome : Which team to contact for this?

Problem : Hello, I have a Surface Go 3 and I have installed Debian Sid (currently Bookworm version) with Gnome desktop (Wayland session). This is very positive almost everything works out of the box, except the following : camera (front/rear) battery indicator is missing and tlp command reports something like battery unknown physical volume buttons … Read more

I’ve just installed Ubuntu 9.04 and Gnome’s not showing any window controls

I’ve just moved from Ubuntu 8.04LTS to 9.04 (Jaunty); and for some reason the traditional window controls (that were present in 8.04) -min, max, close- are no longer present. Logging out and back in hasn’t -as you’d expect- helped at all. I was wondering if you guys have any experience of bringing back the controls, … Read more