How to create a new pipewire virtual device that to combines an real input and output into a new input?

My problem is this: I’m talking to some friends via voice chat and at some point I’d also like to mix some music into it. So my current setup is this: Microphone (Input device) -> Voice software Music player -> Headphones (Output device) I’d like to have this: Music player -> Headphones Music player -\ … Read more

Metacity configured in composition mode shows a gray background on the LCD displays

Within my bash script I replace the Window Manager on Linux to Metacity, the source code is: metacity –replace –composite & This script is executed on a Red Hat 7 platform. For some reasons the background color changed to a gray background. If I start metacity within my bash script with: metacity –replace & The … Read more

Reaching computers on second computers lan though network router

Using Linux. Main computer ethernet adaptor eth0, ip connected to router, ip router connected to cable modem. Second computer ethernet adapter#1 eth0, ip connected to router, has access to internet. Second computers ethernet adapter#2 eth1, ip connected to a network hub. Two raspberry pis connected via usb->ethernet adapter to network hub. … Read more

How do I check if a Linux desktop system would blank screen after some timeout without waiting for that time?

Suppose there is some Linux-based desktop system with some less popular desktop environment. I tried to make it not to turn off screen by using xset s off and xset -dpms, yet after 10 minutes screen still went blank. How can I prepare system for constantly showing something important (e.g. for two hours) without actually … Read more

how to set index.php as default page in apache linux rhel

I tried to set index.php as a default page in my PHP project which is running on apache. I edited httpd.conf file in path etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf <IfModule dir_module> DirectoryIndex index.html index.php </IfModule> Also, I did DirectoryIndex index.php /var/www/html/index.php but still, it doesn’t load the index.php file but it loads the index.html file. Any clue to solve … Read more