Fastest mail server for full body searching [closed]

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Cyrus-IMAP, GSSAPI and auxprop

I’m setting up a mail system using Postfix (OpenLDAP backend) and Cyrus-IMAP on Debian. Goal: I’d love to go ahead with GSSAPI authentication. I’ve tested the whole setup on virtual machines on my laptop, and everything works. Problem: I need mail server(s) running sooner than I have time to migrate a few hundreds of Windows … Read more

INBOX, Inbox, and MS Outlook 2007

I have a Cyrus-IMAP server with altnamespace:yes and unixhierarchysep: yes. I want my sent messages to be stored on server, the INBOX.Sent being the most obvious choice. Setting this in Apple Mail was easy (Mailboxes>Use this folder for…>Sent). With Outlook 2007, however, I’ve run into a strange problem. The Outlook documentation suggests: ” … In … Read more

Sync between two Mail Servers [closed]

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cyrus-makedirs or mkimap missing on Ubuntu Server 14.04

The Cyrus manual says that tools/mkimap should be run to configure the directories. It appears that this command does not not exist, however. With a bit of research it looks like there is a debian/Ubuntu version of this called cyrus-makedirs (, but that doesn’t appear to be a valid package name, and it looks like … Read more

Permission with cyrus

I am running Cyrus at a Debian 7 system. I want to increase security by only allowing specific services the access to the SSL private keys. I created a group “ssl” which contains the users mysql,postfix and cyrus . The process cyrus seems to run as user cyrus: $ ps aux | grep cyrus cyrus … Read more