XEN Server NFS SR read only

We have two Boxes running XEN XCP. One SR is located on an FreeNAS 9 NFS share.

For some reason the NFS share turned read only which is pretty bad for one VM whose VDIs are located on the NFS SR.

I have found many hints to change the NFS mount options from soft to hard.

I just did not find a way to remount the share read-write without rebooting the host.

I tried mount -o remount,rw /path/to/my/SR to no avail. No error message, the share is still read-only.

How can I remount my SR read-write without rebooting my host(s) ?


For some weird reason the server deided to export the share read-only. So re-exporting it read-write solved the issue.

Source : Link , Question Author : Rob , Answer Author : Robert

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