Windows VM on Linux with dedicated GPU and memory

I’m building a new PC. I want windows for gaming and some C++ work targeting the hololens. However, my primary development machine would be linux.

I have 32Gb ram, 2 x 1tb m.2 memory, one 3080 and no integrated graphics.

I would rather not dual boot as then I need to restart whenever I want to game and potentially get hit with lengthy windows updates. A VM is attractive as it would let me switch quickly between the 2 workflows.

I want the best performance I can get. Is a VM with GPU passthrough and a dedicated drive a good alternative to dual booting? If so, how do I set up the VM (specifically so it has sole access to the drive and GPU)?


The VM is an alternative, but it’s impossible to tell which solution will
be the best for performance, at least not without doing a benchmark.
I don’t think that a dedicated drive is a must.

You can find the details on doing so under Ubuntu in the article
Beginner friendly guide to windows virtual machines with GPU passthrough on Ubuntu 18.04.

You should check well all the requirements of such a setup.
You would also be unable to use the passed GPU in the host,
so the computer will need to have at least two GPUs.

Source : Link , Question Author : Edward , Answer Author : harrymc

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