Windows and Ubuntu as dual boot and when partitions should be primary and logical?

I have two drives 80GB and 500GB, I want to use 80GB for Windows 8.1 and 500GB drive for ubuntu 14.04LTS.

I read lot of forums/tutorials, but I am confused someone using Primary for Swap, Root and Home and in some tutorials Logical etc etc.

  1. Please guide me what is the best way to create partitions in my
  2. Which partition should be larger, home, root or boot and

Note: I will use Ubuntu for web-development and android-development.


you should check out this page :

In my case, i’ve created two partitions :
4 GB Swap Logical
Rest in ext5 Logical

I think it is the best solution
Hope it helped you

Source : Link , Question Author : zarpio , Answer Author : Community

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