Windows 10 group policy letter drive map vs manually mapped drive letter

Our network is hosted on Windows Server 2008 R2. PCs with Windows 10 are hosted on this domain with
a user group policy that maps a letter drive (J:) to a mount point that is defined as a DFS with replication which includes two replication groups, each having a set of replication folders.

On some of the PCs hosted on this same network there is a need to use the same letter drive, but mapped to another location.

My question is this:
Is it reasonable to expect that a manually mapped, persistent letter drive will reliably and consistently persist through a re-application of group policy for that login? That is after a log-off/log-on sequence, or even a complete power-off/power-on, and log on.

Worded another way, will group policy overwrite manually mapped persistent drives, or let them persist even after multiple group policy forced updates?


Source : Link , Question Author : ryyker , Answer Author : Community

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