Windows 10 client GPO to favor DHCP server over another one [closed]

We have a cisco RV180W and a Windows server 2012R2, both acting as DHCP servers, the cisco is here to serve IP’s if our server is down, but it’s been a week since it has taken the lead into DHCP response time and is being taken as DHCP server by the clients, causing connectivity issues.

Because there is no way of setting a delay into the interface of our cisco router, I wanted to know if a GPO could be deployed to our client asking them to wait for our Windows server DHCP to give them an IP…

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If the DHCP clients are members of an Active Directory domain then you don’t need to configure a DNS suffix or domain name for them in DHCP as they already have that by virtue of their AD domain membership. You need to make sure that the DHCP server on the router is assigning the DHCP clients a valid and correct ip address, subnet mask, DNS server(s) and default gateway.

That being said, the DHCP server needs to assign the AD DNS server to the DHCP clients, and if that server is down then you’ll be in a bit of a catch 22.

Additionally, a running Windows DHCP client won’t lose it’s DHCP ip configuration when the DHCP server goes down. It will lose it’s DHCP ip configuration if it reaches the Rebinding phase (T2) of the DHCP lease renewal/rebinding process if the DHCP server is down.

Having a single Domain Controller (that is also your AD DNS server and DHCP server) is a recipe for disaster. You’re better served by setting up an additional DC/DNS/DHCP server then you are trying to make the router perform the DHCP server role.

Source : Link , Question Author : kuzko , Answer Author : joeqwerty

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