Why won’t my torrent client download a test torrent I created?

I found two posts that are similar to mine, but they do not have a solution to the issue I’m seeing.

I created a test torrent using mktorrent and added some open trackers to it. I am seeding this torrent using HostA, which is using qBittorrent 4.3.7. It is on port 32123, which is forwarded correctly in my router for both TCP and UDP.

I then tried to download the torrent using aria2c 1.35.0 on HostB. This is the output:

ubuntu@HostA:~$ aria2c testtorrent.torrent --console-log-level=debug | grep '32123'
09/21 13:00:34 [DEBUG] Checkout peer HostA:32123 to CUID#48
09/21 13:00:35 [INFO] CUID#48 - Connecting to HostA:32123
09/21 13:00:35 [DEBUG] CUID#48 - Peer HostA:32123 banned.
09/21 13:00:36 [INFO] CUID#48 - Connecting to HostA:32123
09/21 13:00:36 [INFO] CUID#48 - To: HostA:32123 handshake peerId=A2-1-35-0-%00%A8%21n2%2C%E8%CD%B8%EC, reserved=0000000000100005
Exception: [PeerConnection.cc:215] errorCode=1 Got EOF from peer.
09/21 13:00:36 [DEBUG] CUID#48 - Peer HostA:32123 banned.
09/21 13:00:36 [DEBUG] Peer HostA:32123 returned from CUID#48

Here is a packet capture between the two hosts ( is HostA)

Packet Capture

I would think my ISP might be interfering, but the [FIN, ACK] comes from HostA.


After extensive testing*, I was able to fix this issue by enabling “Allow multiple connections from the same IP address” in qBittorrent. You can see evidence of multiple connections in the Wireshark screenshot, where HostB sends two packets before HostA can respond.

* This included making my own tracker, connecting over LAN, using a VPN, using a cloud load balancer, and more.

Source : Link , Question Author : Tyzbit , Answer Author : Tyzbit

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