Why does Skype notification icon show up in Unity while Opera and Indicator-weather don’t?

The only thing I really miss in Unity is being able to have the notification/indicator icons available I choose. I always have a little CPU indicator, Weather, Opera and Skype available, but in Unity the only one working is strangely enough Skype. Not even HPlipGui’s notification icon shows up. What determines what works, and is there a way I can add the ones that do not show up?


Unity does not allow regular notification icons, because they are no longer supported. You can have them show up if you add them to the whitelist (this has been asked before, here is the answer ).

Skype shows up because the developers decided to whitelist it since so many people use it. Personally I disagree with this move because Skype LLC has abandoned linux development outside of Skype Kit, and linux distributions should stop giving them support in their nonsense.

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