Why do we need logical addressing [duplicate]

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Why couldn’t MAC addresses be used instead of IPv4|6 for networking?

If physical address or Mac address is unique why do we need logical addressing?

This because the size and format of Mac address or physical
is different and logical address size and
format is same

(The above quotes are from Forouzan’s DCN book)

or is there any other reason to it?


Basically, so that you can communicate with another computer without having to broadcast to every machine on the internet to find out where a given MAC address actually is (and thus, what route to take to get traffic to it).

Two MAC addresses with only the last octet different could be on different sides of the planet, whereas two IPs on the same subnet lie behind the same network device, and thus, with logical addressing it’s possible to actually send traffic where it needs to go without having to ask every device on the internet.

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