Which will have more faster for backups between usb drive on vm or NAS drive

I have IBM server with SAS drives and ESXi Server with many VM (not production).

Now for backups of VM i have two options

  1. But NAS drive and use that on network
  2. Get USB drive , attach to FreeNAS VM on Esxi server and then backup there

I want to know which one will have faster speed

Nework speed is 1GBps and usb is 2.0.
But i am thinking of using usb3.0 Pcie card

Its my home lab only not prod and by NAS i mean network drive avaiable in market single disk only


As a sweeping generalization: USB 2 will be slower than a single physical drive on the network, USB 3 will be significantly faster than a single physical drive on the network.

Having said that, the real answer is that it depends.
If you have an array of drives as your network target then it’s possible to saturate a 1 GbE network link and your network target will be faster.

Other than that, if these are not production VMs then I would save myself the effort of backing them up at all.

UPDATE: As @Zoredache pointed out, vSphere currently (May 2014, v 5.5) doesn’t support USB 3.0 pass-through so backing up via the network will undoubtedly be faster than to a USB 2.0 drive that’s attached to the FreeNAS VM via pass-through.

Source : Link , Question Author : user3132561 , Answer Author : Reality Extractor

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