Which server software and configuration to retrieve from multiple POP servers, routing by address to correct user

I am setting up a small email server on a Debian machine, which needs to pick up mail from a variety of POP servers and figure out who to send it to from the address, but I’m not clear what software will do what I need, although it seems like a very simple question!

For example, I have 2 users, Alice and Bob.
Any email to alice@domain.example.com (alice.nospam@domain.example.com etc) should go to Alice, all other mail to domain.example.com should go to Bob.
Any email to fred@other.place.com should go to Bob, and doris@other.place.com should go to Alice
Anything to *@bobs.place.com should go to Bob
And so on…

The idea is to pull together a load of mail addresses that have built up over the years and present them all as a single mailbox for Bob and another one for Alice.

I’m expecting something like Postfix + Dovecot + Amavis + Spamassassin + Squirrelmail to fit the bill, but I’m not sure where the above comes in, can Postfix deal with it as a set of defined regular expressions, or is it a job for Amavis, or something else entirely? Do I need fetchmail in this mix, or is its role now included in one of the other components above.

I think of it as content-filtering, but everything I read about content-filtering is focussed on detecting spam rather than routing email.


Perdition is excellent for this kind of wizardry.

Source : Link , Question Author : rolinger , Answer Author : Janne Pikkarainen

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