Which Disk to replace first ? Predictive Failure or Failed Disk [closed]

We have a HPDL380 G6 server ( running 2003 R2) with 1 failed disk and 1 predictive failure.

Total 4 Disks configured with RAID5.

I will be replacing disks, Now question is which disk should I replace first and why ?

Thank You


There is only one option: The failed disk. If you replace the “predictive failure” one first, you will have two missing disks in the array and loose all data.

Important: Make sure you have a current and tested backup pronto, before you do anything else. It’s kind of likely the array will fail during recovery …

BTW: The same order is necessary for a RAID6.

Source : Link , Question Author : Jatin Patel , Answer Author : Sven

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