Where does Exchange Server store log path configuration?

Does anyone know where Exchange Admin Center (EAC) store the configuration. I writting an application to collect Message Tracking Log configuration from Exchange Server. Thus, i need some programmable way to get Message Tracking Log Path from Exchange Server.

I configured Message Tracking Log Path on EAC gui. Then, I used ADSI and found the mxExchMessageTrackingPath attribute under Configuration/Services/Exchange Server/<Organization Name>/Servers/<Exchange Server Name>/Transport Configuration/Mailbox but it seem not being set. Other log path configurations are also not as the same as the value i configured on EAC gui.

Is there any way to get these settings from Exchange Server. Thanks!

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Run below command to get message tracking log path:

Get-TransportService | Format-List MessageTrackingLog*

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For more details: Configure message tracking in Exchange Server and Transport logs in Exchange Server

Source : Link , Question Author : Clite Tailor , Answer Author : Joy Zhang

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