What will I need to create a web server out of an R710? [closed]

I recently got hold of an R710 (DELL PowerEdge) & want to use it to host multiple sites.

I did not come with any HDD’s but I was told I need one with Windows Server.

I currently host my sites on a Linux VPS due to SSH ease, is it possible to just store a standard Linux OS (like Ubuntu 18.04) on a USB drive & plug it in internally to boot an OS? Or will I need a HDD?

If so, could anyone point me in the direction of one compatible and how I’d virtually mount them in the BIOS?

I appreciate it


There is no reason at all why you would “need with Windows Server”; if you want to run Linux on your system, just install Linux.

However, you will still need a hard disk, and possibly more than one, depending on your requirements; I’d recommend at least two disks in a RAID setup, to be safe against a single-disk failure.

Running your server from a USB drive is technically possible, but it’s definitely something to avoid if you want to host any data on it This kind of setup only makes sense when the USB drive contains a bare miminal and easily replaceable OS (such a hypervisor) and the real storage lies elsewhere (such as in a SAN).

Source : Link , Question Author : Jaquarh , Answer Author : Massimo

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