What parameters of guest OS can be controlled with hypervisor? [closed]

I know that some hypervisors allow you to control the amount of available RAM and disk size of guest OS. What another parameters of guest OS can be controlled with hypervisor?

(I’m asking about type 2 hypervisors only.)


Guest hardware can be almost anything. But emulating hardware you don’t have is slow, so in practice choice is limted.

If you want to change the virtual hardware, read the hypervisor’s documentation.

Boot a VM and look at the hardware from the guest OS perspective. On a Linux guest start with lspci and lscpu. All of these devices are somewhere on the spectrum between emulated, paravirtualized, and passed through unmodified.

For example, QEMU is an emulator that can translate instructions to a different architecture. But on Linux with KVM, if the guest is the same architecture, QEMU is a visualizer that runs code direct on the CPU. Further, there is some choice in guest hardware. The network card could be an emulated e1000, a paravirtualized virtio, or direct attach hardware from the host’s PCI bus.

Source : Link , Question Author : john c. j. , Answer Author : John Mahowald

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