What is the vendor-neutral term for internet telephone service? [closed]

  1. Plug in phone to wall with ethernet cable
  2. Someone calls a phone number
  3. Your phone rings

What is the correct, vendor-neutral term for this service?

Unfortunately different vendors call this same service many different things. I would like to know what the vendor-neutral term for this type of service is. I have researched the following examples:

  • Comcast calls this service “Phone”
  • 8×8 calls it “Hosted PBX” and “Virtual Phone”
  • AT&T calls it “VoIP Services”.
  • Ooma calls it “Free Home Phone Service”
  • Jive calls it “Hosted VoIP”

I am confused by whether PBX and VoIP are the same thing since two companies selling the same thing are using different words for it.


VOIP. Voice over IP. It requires quite a few more things to be configured than plugging a phone into ethernet, but that puts you in the neighborhood.

Source : Link , Question Author : William Entriken , Answer Author : mfinni

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