What is the different of 64-bit Architectures? Why there is more than 1 standard? [closed]

For example, IA64 and AMD64 is 64-bit architecture for computing. But why it is different? Is there no industry-standard for 64-bit architecture (for desktop computer)? And what make those architecture different?


IA64 = Intel Architecture 64-bit. Commonly known as Itanium or Itanic (a reference to the Titanic, and how it the unsinkable sank essentially immediately). The architecture has been an abject failure. It used a completely different architecture from existing x86 processors, territory the software industry was completely unfamiliar with, and fora variety of reasons shunned.

AMD64 = AMD knew Intel was working on Itanium, and in a bet against the architecture developed 64-bit extensions to the existing x86 architecture. Because this architecture works as an extended mode of the standard x86 arch, and was full backwards compatible in the same way that the 32-bit 80386 was when 16-bit 80286 processors were popular people embraced the change they were familiar with.

AMD64 is essentially the standard for 64-bit PC computing. IA64 is incredibly rare, most commonly found in HP Clusters built in the early/middle 2000s. There are also SPARC and MIPS 64-bit architectures, though these are extremely uncommon in PCs. Why all the architectures, competition…

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