What are the options for open source Mobile VPN solution? [closed]

I looking for open source mobile VPN solutions. Not regular VPN solutions like OpenVPN. My need is that VPN tunnel should not get disrupted when endpoint switches networks (aka when moved from wired n/w to wireless). I had faced this issue with openVPN, where whenever i switch my route to internet from cellular modem to Wi-Fi hotspot, my connection to VPN server will get broken and restart. Refer this question. This link states that Mobile VPN will be persistent event if clients are roaming across various networks. I would like to try mobile VPN and verify whether i can able to alleviate the above problem. For a start, Open source Mobile VPN solution will be the easy way. What are the options i have? Thank you.


I don’t think you understand what Mobile VPN actually is. In spite of its name, it has nothing to do with you setting up an (IP) VPN on your mobile device.

Mobile VPN is a means for cellular providers to create a secured network segment for their business customers on cellular network systems. It’s not something you do on your end.

What you want is simply a VPN client that automatically reconnects. But that’s another question and I suggest you first do some research on it.

Source : Link , Question Author : Kumar , Answer Author : vic

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