WebSockets setup questions

I’m running a Windows 2008 server, and I need some help setting up whatever I need to set up on the server side.

I’ve been googling like mad, but with my luck, I just cant find a windows compatible server solution for setting up a WebSocket server thing. (I’m not sure what to call it. Basically what ever program is run on the server that WebSocket communications pass through)

I’ve had some vague experience in setting up networking systems, but I’m certainly no pro.

Anyways, here is what I need exactly:
Where I can go to download a windows server WebSockets “server thing”.
How to set it up so that web sockets code can communicate with it. (EG: Where do I go to enter port/host info, and if I do) (EG2: Any required steps to take for setup)

Thanks for any help!

Cheers — G


I think you might have mis-understood WebSockets. It’s and standard API which may be implemented in a server or client. Please check http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WebSockets for more information.

Source : Link , Question Author : Georges Oates Larsen , Answer Author : Khushil

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