vSphere 5.5 Data Storage Recovery from deleted VM

I have deleted one of my VMs but without detaching or making a snapshot of the storage attached to it. Is it possible to assign the same storage to a new VM? I was running CentOS 7 on the old one. In the past I have created a new disk with about 1Tb of data and then I have created probably 4 or 5 partitions (/home, /root, /boot, swap and /var). I only want to preserve the /home partition. Is it possible to allocate the same virtual disk to the new VM and how to do that? I am using vsPhere Client 5.5. What are these Virtual Device nodes? Are they the individual partitions? Also when I go to the datastore browser I see a lot of vmdk’s is there a way to attach these vmdks to the the new VM and check them. I just presume I can delete some of them to free some space.

Thanks in advance for the help.


So apparently when you delete the VM it doesn’t delete the vmdk (virtual machine disk) file, so you can add it manually to the new VM and eventually mount it to a directory of your choice. You can also manage the datastore from the vSphere client and delete the not used vmdk files if needed.

Source : Link , Question Author : Georgi Stoyanov , Answer Author : Georgi Stoyanov

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