VMWare Server 2 Web Interface not loading

I am having an issue with VMWare Server 2 running on a Windows SBS 2008 host.

I can browse to https://server:8333/ and if I view source I can see that the page has loaded, but the redirection and browsing directly to https://server:8333/ui/ never finishes loading – just continually tries to load the page.

I’m not sure what logs to check or where I should go from here, but I need to get more VMs running on this server – any ideas?




I was suffering the same problem for a long time and most of these hints (CTRL-R or vmware restart) worked for me for long. But some time ago i found a thread on the official vmware forum there people tracked down the problem to some SSL-protocol-wiredness between vmware-webui and current webbrowsers.

To cut things short, you must activate SSLv2 Mode on your webbrowser and maybe reload the webui via CTRL-R. You can get detailed instructions about this workaround on my Blog.


(its written in german but maybe the screenshots are helpful)

Source : Link , Question Author : user36665 , Answer Author : Community

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