VmWare image to HDD [closed]

!Hello, I am virtualizing a Windows 2003 Server in VMWare Server 2.0.2. My goal is to take the virtualized HDD and make it a physical one so that i can boot a real server from it and run it outside of a virtualized environment. I know of this answer which shows how to do this clearly, my only issue is that they use vmare workstation and vmware server doesn’t have the “Use physical drive” option when following these steps. Here’s the link to that answer.


So after you have possibly reviewed that 3rd party answer could anyone suggest another way of doing so while using VMWare Server 2.0.2? Thanks to Everyone!


Back up the server with the backup tool of your choice. Follow that tool’s procedure for a restore to dissimilar hardware.

Source : Link , Question Author : cmdexpert12 , Answer Author : MDMarra

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