Vmware ESXI 6.5: Is there a way to combine all 16 vcpus to form 4 vcpus which performs better [closed]

I am not talking of overprovisioning of VCPUs. It’s actually reverse. A way to combine all available threads to virtualize into a limited number of vcpus to get advantage of ESXI limitations.

I have to run a Single Virtual Machine on VMWARE ESXI 6.5 server. The server ships with 16 cores and 32 threads.

Vmware ESXI has a limitation of 8 vcpu per VM. Is there a way to combine all vcpus and allocate the entire CPU cores to the single VM which means 4 logical threads or 2 physical cores should be mapped to a single vcpu.

I am running an application on top of the VM which does not run on a Physical machine and needs to be hosted on a VSXI Hypervisor.


Buy a VMware license to remove the limitation you’re trying to work around.

The paid version of the product does not restrict your virtual CPU allocation.

Source : Link , Question Author : ramdaz , Answer Author : ewwhite

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