Use teamviewer for running web server [closed]

I have a PC behind NAT. I want to host a web server on it which is accessible from the internet. I cannot open any blocked ports nor do i have admin rights on the computer. But it has a teamviewer client running on it 24*7 to which i do have access(no vpn installed). I can accesss this client from anywhere using teamviewer. I want to know if somehow i can use teamviewer to get a ip/hostname that is accessible from the internet and host a webserver.

Also is it possible to get an ip if i get admin access but without opening ports.


No, that’s not possible. Further, you’re asking us to help you violate network policy, like the policies we implement… That’s like trying to buy marijuana from a uniformed police officer.

Source : Link , Question Author : Steve , Answer Author : Chris S

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