Uninstall Redis after manual Installation

I followed this guide to install Redis “How To Install and Configure Redis on Ubuntu 16.04”.
However, now I want to remove the Redis from my server (Ubuntu 16.04).

The command sudo apt-get purge --auto-remove redis-server doesn’t work as I installed the Redis manually..

How can I uninstall it now?


Go into the folder where you ran sudo make install and run sudo make uninstall and that would get rid of it but first you have to stop it see steps below.


  1. Stop redis with:

    sudo systemctl stop redis
    sudo systemctl disable redis
  2. Change into install location as per the tutorial link:

    cd redis-stable
    sudo make uninstall
  3. Get rid of the folders created:

    sudo rm /etc/redis/redis.conf
    sudo rm -rf /var/lib/redis
  4. Remove redis user:

    sudo deluser redis

Source : Link , Question Author : yaylitzis , Answer Author : George Udosen

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