UltraVNC intigration with MDT

I’m trying to get UltraVNC integrated with WinPE to allow remote control over deployments in MDT 2012.

These are the steps I’ve taken so far.

  • Extracted winvnc.exe, vnchooks.dll to a directory that will place them into %SystemRoot%\System32 on WinPE when I update my deployment share.
  • Created a ultravnc.ini file and added that in as well.
  • Created a step to disable firewall using wpeutil disablefirewall
  • Created a step in my task sequence to start winvnc.exe
  • Rebuilt the WinPE boot images from scratch.

Now for my problem, Everything works wonderfully. When the step runs ultravnc I’m able to connect and see everything and interact with the install. However the task will not continue and stays at “Starting UltraVNC!” and will not continue. When I use winvnc.exe -install it will continue but I can’t connect to the session. As a work around I can exit to command prompt, disable the firewall, and start winvnc.exe. Then restart my deployment with wpeinit. If I could just get it to continue the task sequence after starting UltraVNC is started it would be awesome.

I think it has something to do with the error codes but I’m not really sure. Any ideas?


Source : Link , Question Author : Hugh , Answer Author : Community

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