Ubuntu VM in Vmware running on top of Gentoo [closed]

I want to know if the following architechture is possible and if so, what is the best way to implement it? :

A dedicated server running a linux gentoo distribution on top of which I want to install a virtualizaion system (preferably vmware but which product/version?) then deploy inside of it a VM of Ubuntu 10.04.

I also want to know the remote procedure to achieve such configuration (knowing that I would start with a machine already containing the gentoo distribution).

I believe that Vmware Vsphere (ESXi) is not suitable for my case and Vmware player does not allow remote access (Am I wrong?) and finally Vmware server is sort of discontinued.
I’m a little lost between al these versions!

I’m open to any other suggestions


Vmware ESXi requires a dedicated machine. Vmware server is EOL, and Player is made for low-needs desktop virtualization.

If you have a chance, try installing ESXi on a dedicated machine, and installing both Ubuntu and Gentoo as virtual machines inside it.

If not, try VirtualBox… it has a headless mode, allows remote administration, works quite good, and it’s free.

Source : Link , Question Author : Sidou , Answer Author : mulaz

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