Ubuntu server backup in pendrive? [closed]

I’m currently facing the making of our Backup Plan, and I was wondering what’s the risk of backing up my ubuntu server in a pendrive instead of DVDs or CDs (physical mediums).

The server is used in a startup company, and is settled in an appartment, so risks of fire (as suggested) and power failures should be considered.

The identified resources to be copied are:

  • MySQL databases
  • Apache HTTPD directories
  • SVN folders
  • SSH configurations

So, keeping the pendrive always plugged to the server should be considered a risk? What other backup ways would you recommend?


The point of a backup is to move the backup data away from the live data.

This ensures that,

  1. it is physically protected from stuff which damages the primary data
  2. it is logically protected from actions which damage the live data

keeping your backup data device permanently attached to your live data device is not a backup.

It doesn’t matter (in general) if you write it to paper, USB stick, DVD, or any other medium, the primary requirement is to physically remove it from the live server location.

If someone hacks your server, then they can trash your live data and your backup data. You don’t have a backup until you move it away.

So yes, keeping it plugged in all the time is a risk.

Source : Link , Question Author : Joaquín L. Robles , Answer Author : EightBitTony

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