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In Ubuntu 18.4 I use the filebrowser thunar instead of the low-functionally internal filebrowser (nautilus), but there seems to be no button to search in folder.

I also added a custom action like described here, but that button isn’t visible nowhere either.

How do I search inside the currently visible folder in thunar?


Xubuntu 18.04

I don’t use Xubuntu much but the little magnifying glass is under File in Thunar 1.6.15 and works without any further steps:

Thunar Search

Ubuntu 18.04

One has to install thunar and catfish. Even after installing catfish, the search option doesn’t appear.

To fix this,

  • open Edit > Configure custom actions

  • Click on the + sign to open a new child window

  • In the tab titled Basic, enter Search for files in the Name box

  • In the Command box, enter catfish --path=%f or choose something from the command parameters provided

Then open the Appearance Conditions tab. In there, enter * as the File Pattern and tick the appropriate choice below Appears if selection contains:

Click OK. Close the Custom Actions window.

The next time you open Thunar, you should see the option to Search for files when you click on File in Thunar’s menu bar.


More reading: https://docs.xfce.org/xfce/thunar/custom-actions


  • I’ve noticed a couple of cases in which Catfish didn’t list all the relevant files. This was both in Xubuntu and Ubuntu. I’ll make a separate question about that.

  • As rubo77 suggested in a comment, searchmonkey is a suitable alternative.

Source : Link , Question Author : rubo77 , Answer Author : Community

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