To spellcheck my code in Vim for English/German/Finnish

How can you spellcheck your LaTeX document for English/German/Finnish?

I would like to check my spelling for one of my white papers.
Its comments are written in German, TODO -comments in Finnish and codes in English.

I know how you can spellcheck English but not the other two languages.

I am using at the moment the method of moving my documents to OpenOffice and then spell checking there. However, this is very ineffective.

I would like to

  1. find parts of code in different languages
  2. put these parts to separate files such that I can spellcheck them
  3. and then combine the spellchecked files back to one


I think you can setup multiple spelling files in VIM to work together.

set spelllang=en,de
  • Read up the VIM pages for configurations (and, if required, creation of new spelling files)
  • You may need to fetch some of the .spl spelling files if they are not available in your spell/ directory
  • Check specifically, spl files, sug files, spellang, spellsuggest

You can also check Vimchant : Fast on-the-fly spell-checker based on Enchant

Using latexmk, vim spell checking and vim latex-suite
(it also refers to Sourceforge Kile, an Integrated LaTeX Environment)

Source : Link , Question Author : Léo Léopold Hertz 준영 , Answer Author : nik

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