TFS Configuration – SQL Verification Error

TFS 2017.3 on-premise environment: 1 App Server, 1 Web Server, 1 DB Server

I’m using an existing tfs db located at sqlserver\instance and receive the following error when specifying a tfs connection db:
enter image description here

I updated the sql server instance to include the port number (sqlserver\instance,portnumber) but now receive the following error during verification:

TF401293: The specified SQL Server instance sqlserver\sqlinstance,portnumber is invalid. A port number and a named instance cannot be specified simultaneously. Specify one or the other.

How do I resolve this?


Could you please try to disable Windows Firewall or configure it as shown here?

Since the SQL Server instance is a named instance, open SQL Server Configuration Manager and make sure SQL Server Browser service is enabled and is started.

Make sure SQL Server instance has protocol TCP/IP enabled.

Source : Link , Question Author : C1TonyB , Answer Author : Alberto Morillo

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