How to find zombies in network?

Last days I receive reports from my ISP that someone from my network scan ports and trying to connect to openssh services around internet. I assume that nobody does it on purpose, and that someone machine has been infected and does it without owner consciousness. I am looking for method to determine whose computer scanning … Read more

Suse 10: svnserve exit with signal 11 and hangs

We are using svn (1.6.3)+sasl integration. After installationon on Suse 10.x (64 bits) I found that svnserve hanged sessions (“ps ax” shows more and more hanged svnserve processes). Xinetd logs contains a lot of lines like this EXIT: svn signal=11 duration=1(sec) Svn “make check” shows that all stages passed as “success”. Does anybody try to … Read more

php-fpm lot of childs zombies exiting after huge amount of seconds + 502 errors

I’m facing the following problem on my nginx/php-fpm server : I get random 502 (bad gateway) errors on AJAX calls (autocompletion actually). Everything else is working fine, except autocompletion. On my php-fpm.log, I got a huge amount of process dying (signal 11) after like 18 hours or so… This doesn’t look correct right? What can … Read more

Graphite Running using daemon tools getting defunct

I am running and using daemon tools. When I made some changes in the storage-schema.conf and tried to restart the, I found that it is becoming zombie very frequently. root 3367 3366 0 03:23 pts/1 00:00:00 supervise carbon-aggregator root 3371 3366 0 03:23 pts/1 00:00:00 supervise carbon-cache root 3373 3367 3 03:23 … Read more