strange routing table after PXE boot WinPE

I have a pxe boot WinPE using iPXE, iPXE config file as follow: sanhook cpuid –ext 29 && set arch amd64 || set arch x86 kernel initrd bootmgr initrd BCD initrd boot.sdi initrd boot.wim boot After I successfully boot into PE, I found that I can’t connect to my … Read more

Creating WINPE boot disc for IA64 architecture

Following the steps in the Windows Deployment Services getting started guide to create bootable media. After running Copype.cmd ia64 c:\winpe there is no equivalent of in the c:\winpe\iso\boot\ folder. So as per I use efisys.bin. I’ve then burnt the ISO to DVD using infrarecorder, but the target box (HP Z600/Intel Xeon) insists on … Read more

Make a bootable WinPE

My question is not exactly what the subject suggests.. I got a couple of files that I believe are WinPE files + a .WIM image.. Here is the folder tree: The OS12.wim file is 5-GB in size. Inside the boot folder there’s a BCD and BOOT.SDI files. Inside the sources folder there’s a boot.wim file. … Read more

UltraVNC intigration with MDT

I’m trying to get UltraVNC integrated with WinPE to allow remote control over deployments in MDT 2012. These are the steps I’ve taken so far. Extracted winvnc.exe, vnchooks.dll to a directory that will place them into %SystemRoot%\System32 on WinPE when I update my deployment share. Created a ultravnc.ini file and added that in as well. … Read more

Windows Image Deployment – WinPE – Execute Command After Server Image Deployment but Before WinPE Reboot

Simplified version: Execute command in WinPE after server image deployment but before WinPE reboots. Previous title: Windows Image Deployment – WinPE – Move Dynamically Generated XML via HTA to Windows Server I have a custom ISO with a boot.wim and install.wim for deploying Windows Server to our environment. Our environment does not allow DHCP and … Read more

Dell E7470 Imaging in Windows PE and Acronis

Our India office has received a shipment of Dell Latitude E7470 laptops. Our technician there is having issues imaging this laptop when attempting to use Acronis True Image (2015) as well in Win PE (Version 3 I believe for Windows 7 SP1). The issue in both cases is that the internal drive doesn’t seem to … Read more

add package to WinPE using DISM failes

I’m having trouble with adding a package to a custom WinPe file. I try to add a package (using: dism /image:c:\temp\mount /Add-Package /PackagePath:”C:\Program Files\Windows AIK\Tools\PETools\x86\WinPE_FPs\” in a command prompt with administrative privileges) I get this message: An error occurred trying to open – C:\Program Files\Windows AIK\Tools\PETools\x86\WinPE_FPs\ Error: 0x80070003 An error occurred trying to open – … Read more

How to “Offline” a Disk using Windows PE/Recovery Enviroment?

The Disk Management MMC snapin has a “Offline” function: Once used, a disk shows as Offline, with hover text “This disk is offline because of policy set by an administrator”. However, if the OS does not boot due to the contents of the disk this state can not be reached. How can this be done … Read more