Windows feature pack not installed, installer saying it is

When trying to install windows feature pack the installer says that it is already installed on my Windows 10 pro N machine, but programs that require it (GTA 5) are saying that it is missing. The installer in question is “Windows10-KB3010081-x64”. Is there anyway to force the installer to run regardless of the content apparently … Read more

Windows Media Player buttons appear with broken image link

This issue started today. I opened up Windows Media Player and found that all the icons/buttons for Play, Pause, Stop, etc were shown as broken image files. I have followed steps on uninstalling & re-installing Windows Media Player in the Control Panel>Programs&Features tab; unchecking the box, restarting; re-checking the box, and nothing has helped. The … Read more

Adding audio files to a playlist being currently played in Windows Media Player from command line

I started Window Media Player via the command line (actually from a C# application using Process.Start) and provided one file name. Now Windows Media Player establishes a new Playlist consisting of this one file and plays it. Next, I’d like to add further files to this current playlist. When I call public void OpenAudioFile(string path) … Read more

How to disable the “Windows Media Player cannot download media information…” pop-up after ripping a CD?

I kind of like ripping my audiobook CDs to MP3 using Windows Media Player because it’s free, easy, and comes with Windows. I really like how, when a CD is done being ripped, it can (in theory) auto-eject the CD so I can quickly put in the next audiobook CD. However, this auto-eject never works … Read more

What is Windows Media Player 10L?

I’ve seen this “10L” variant patched differently in several hotfixes such as WindowsXP-SP3-WindowsMedia-KB954155-x86-ENU.exe. But I’ve never seen anything other than regular “Windows Media 10” in the wild. [ExtendedConditional.Declare] DeclareSection=Declare.Copy.System32.WM9 DeclareSection=Declare.Copy.DllCache.WM9 DeclareSection=Declare.Copy.System32.WM10 DeclareSection=Declare.Copy.DllCache.WM10 DeclareSection=Declare.Copy.System32.WM10L DeclareSection=Declare.Copy.DllCache.WM10L DeclareSection=Declare.Copy.System32.MCEUR2 DeclareSection=Declare.Copy.DllCache.MCEUR2 DeclareSection=Declare.Copy.System32.WM11 DeclareSection=Declare.Copy.DllCache.WM11 Is this related to Edition N releases of Windows? Answer AttributionSource : Link , Question Author : … Read more