Can’t get ubuntu on new laptop!

I just got a new laptop: the Asus VivoBook X2O2E, and for some reason, ubuntu’s (12.10) not working. Whenever I install it, I choose “reboot now”, and then it shows an error: cannot load windows and unknown program; missing a required file. After four tries, I gave up. However, my technological life requires ubuntu, so … Read more

Installing Ubuntu 12.04 LST along windows without formatting any drive

I am facing a problem while installing ubuntu along with win8. The specs about my pc are following: 500 GB HDD (c:100, d:100, f:50, g:100 h:100 i:50) and every drive has important data, and are NTFS i have used Lili USB creator for creating bootable usb for ubuntu 12.04 LST. when i boot from usb, … Read more

How do I partition my hard drive to manually install Ubuntu 12.10 alongside Windows 8?

I have a Windows 7 machine I upgraded to Windows 8, so as a result I have BIOS and not UEFI. I attempted to install Ubuntu 12.10 alongside Windows 8 yesterday, and accidentally used wubi without understanding it had massive errors. After completely formatting my hard drive and re-installing Windows 8, I want to attempt … Read more