How do I enable the shared clipboard in VirtualBox?

Where is the configuration option for sharing clipboards (copy & paste) between the host OS and the guest OS? Answer With Guest Additions installed, the clipboard of your guest OS can be shared with your host OS. Highlight the Guest VBox in the VirtualBox console, open General -> Advanced. Here you can choose between various … Read more

What are differences between VBoxVGA, VMSVGA and VBoxSVGA in VirtualBox?

VirtualBox 6.0 provides a new setting called Graphics Controller. There are four options to choose from: None VBoxVGA VMSVGA VBoxSVGA In the user manual I have found this information: Graphics Controller: Specifies the graphics adapter type used by the guest VM. Note that you must install the Guest Additions on the guest VM to specify … Read more

Connect to the host machine from a VirtualBox guest OS?

I’d essentially like to access my host computer from the guest in VirtualBox. Is there an IP address given for my host which I can use from the guest? Are there extra steps required to set this up? I’d like to access my host’s Apache, FTP, and SSH services. Answer This answer is about pretty … Read more

What’s the recommended way to move a VirtualBox VM to another computer?

I use VirtualBox 4.1.x on my Ubuntu machine and I’ve set up several virtual machines. Since there are several ways one can move a virtual machine in VirtualBox to another computer, I was wondering which one is the recommended way: Use the “Import/Export utility.” Copy the entire virtual machine folder, containing the .vdi and .vbox … Read more

Why does virtualbox only have 32-bit option, no 64-bit option on Windows 7?

I have downloaded and installed the newest virtualbox 4.3.20 for my Windows 7 (64-bit OS), but when I want to install 64-bit Linux, the New->Create Virtual Machine only displays 32-bit option, no 64-bit option. Could anyone give any clues about this issue? Thanks very much in advance! Answer Take a look: If VirtualBox is … Read more

How to compact VirtualBox’s VDI file size?

I’ve a VirtualBox VM which configured a very large hard disk size (bigger than host). By my mistake, a program on the VM generated lots of log files and the VDI file size keeps growing until there is no space on the host. Now I’ve deleted the log files but the VDI file size are … Read more

What disk image should I use with VirtualBox, VDI, VMDK, VHD or HDD?

Latest versions of VirtualBox supports several formats for virtual disks, but they forgot to provide a comparison between them. VDI VMDK VHD HDD Now, I am interested about a recommendation or comparison that considers the following: be able to use dynamic sizing be able to have snapshots be able to move my virtual machine to … Read more