Heartbeat node that was kicked out doesn’t rejoin virtual IP service [closed]

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Can I get all the virtual IP addresses given the CNAME

Is there a way to find all the aliases of the host? $ nslookup x x is an alias for y y is an alias for z z has address So if I have z, is there a way of using nslookup/host/dig commands to get x and y too? Answer No, that is not … Read more

how to 2 ip virtual in public dan private with forward to different destination

Here my case, Server 1 public IP in 1 box (eth0) -> 203.x.x.55/28 and 57/28 gw 203.x.x.49 private IP (eth1) -> Server 2 private IP in 1 box (eth0) -> and 7/24 gw Iptables -A PREROUTING -d 203.x.x.55 -i eth0 -p tcp -m tcp –dport 80 -j DNAT –to-destination -A PREROUTING … Read more

Replacing host with another at runtime using same FQDN [closed]

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How does HA / failover work?

Let’s say we have ten servers, each one has a copy of stateless application. user enters address in a browser / client program. dns server returns a list of ip (however many people say that dns should not be used to provide HA, especially for non-browser clients) so the old browser/client program checks the first … Read more

Cannot access LAN virtual IP from WAN using iptables NAT

Here’s the setup: 2 servers running CentOS 5.6 (hostnames = “master1” and “master2”) “master1” LAN IP is and WAN IP is 184.107.x.1 “master2” LAN IP is and WAN IP is 184.107.x.2 Apache + Heartbeat installed on both, with “master1” as primary for httpd service in haresources. Apache binds to virtual IP (started … Read more

Remotely configure OpenVPN custom client certificates and static Virtual IP

On our current basic OpenVPN (on Windows) setup, we are using common client certificates for all clients. In order to introduce some kind of security, what are the possible measures I can make ? Alongside the following option ? Can I remotely replace client.cert file on client (through openVPN connection – upload custom client.cert file … Read more

can you give me feedback on an HA architecture using linux-ha and pacemaker?

I am trying to come up with an architecture for achieving HA on one of our services (in-house service, single tcp connection for all requests). Just started reading on linux-ha and pacemaker, and i’d like to know if the following approach makes any sense: We have two nodes serving a single service, exactly the same, … Read more

Connecting to local VIP: wrong outbound interface used

I have an issue where my outbound connections are using the wrong interface. I believe I have routing all configured properly. I have an active/standby database on two blades that use a Virtual IP. The VIP is reassigned to the blade with the active database. I have processes running on the same blades that connect … Read more

Ip and secondary ip sometimes doesn’t repond to ping

In order to have a virtual ip, I sometimes add another IP for my interface enp2s0f0 using # ifconfig enp2s0f0:1 up I also send a gratitus arp in order to publish the new ip of the device. I’ve noticed that the device answers to pings alternatively: when it answers to (its original ip) … Read more