Can Varnish be deployed to front end mariadb/mysql server pool? Or is varnish helpful only when frontending HTTP servers?

Can Varnish be used to front end a pool of mariadb/mysql servers? I see that it does not handle any non-http requests and gives 503 error. Answer Varnish is a HTTP Cache, so no it cannot act as a frontend for MariaDB/MySQL, unless you were trying to access them via HTTP. I would recommend HAproxy … Read more

How to use iptables on varnish cache server to access only by one network and backend server

Hi i want to allow only one network say to access my varnish edge cache server at port also block other 80 port request but the problem is cache server points to a origin server which listen on 80 port in in network. How could i enable only these two networks to … Read more

Varnish memory management

I have a rather ‘dumb’ question regarding Varnish. I’ve been reading info on Varnish cache storage types and yet don’t understand what would happen in following: Imagine we have 2GB of free memory. Varnish (with file storage) takes up 1,5GB Then a process shows up which needs 600MB. What will happen? Will Varnish reduce it’s … Read more

Where will load fall using Nginx, Varnish, and HAProxy? [duplicate]

This question already has answers here: Can you help me with my capacity planning? (3 answers) Closed 7 years ago. We are looking into scaling our servers and I am not sure where load will fall as visitor count increases. I have one HAProzy load balancer, that proxies to two Varnish Nginx static content servers. … Read more

Varnish 3.0.7 suddenly stopped working

Changed one line in default.vcl and after that I couldn’t restart. It didn’t give me any error or anything. I tried to set it back to the former config but that didn’t help. So I decided to reboot. Start all over. didnt help. And now after several tries to reinstall I’m stuck at this. Nothing … Read more

Getting error while installing Varnish Cache

I am using Ubuntu 16.04 LTS on AWS EC2. While installing varnish cache server I am getting following error. Reading package lists… Done Building dependency tree Reading state information… Done Suggested packages: varnish-doc The following NEW packages will be installed: varnish 0 upgraded, 1 newly installed, 0 to remove and 1 not upgraded. Need to … Read more

Docker Swarm and load-balancing of Varnish persistent TCP connections (VIP)

I have a Varnish HTTP cache running in front of 40 workers. These workers are running on two identical Docker nodes (node-1 and node-2, 20 on each) as a unique service (web_workers). We’re using Docker Swarm with the default endpoint_mode, which is round-robin load-balancing. So Varnish forwards requests to a unique backend hostname (= Docker … Read more