Difference between GBIC and SFP [closed]

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D-Link DES-1210/28P VLAN Configuration [closed]

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Linux OS with GUI based multiple vlan support [closed]

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link aggregation in esxi5 + aggregation on the switch + freebsd9 = an aggregated link that do not work

i have a 6 port intel server nic. under the settings on ESXi5, i aggregated 4 of the ports. i have ZFSGuru running on the VM, which is based off of FreeBSD 9, iirc. this VM has two interfaces, an e1000/em0 and a vxmnet2/vxn0. initially, i did not set link aggregation on my switch, which … Read more

How to place KVM VMs on several hosts in the same network, with one of the VMs as the DHCP server

I have a KVM host running on Centos. I have 3 Virtual machines installed on this host. Host is connected to a Nexus (Cisco). Virtual machine is able to get Internet. Everything is working fine. Now I need to make one of the Virtual machine as a DHCP server for Virtual machines which are running … Read more

Do you need STP on ProCurve trunks?

We have 3 switches – a Core Switch, and 2 downstream switches. Each downstream switch has a 3 cable Trunk direct to the core switch. However – when we disconnected one cable in that trunk group (still leaving 2 physical links in that trunk group online) we lost all connectivity from that switch to the … Read more

Untangle running on ESXi sending tagged VLAN to Cisco switch not working

basically here is my setup: [Host A] = A hypervisor running ESXi 5.0 [Switch A] = A Cisco 2960-S Series 48 port switch [Switch B] = A Cisco 2960-S Series 48 port switch [P-Router] = A physical Cisco 1941 router [V-Router1] = A virtual Untangle 10 router [V-Router2] = A virtual Untangle 10 router [P-Router] … Read more

Allow specific SIP connection FreePBX

Hey I am using FreePBX with firmware: 5.211.65-14 and service pack On this asterisk server I have everything up and running, but inbound phone calls might be rejected: WARNING[56522][C-00000ba4]: Ext. s:6 @ from-sip-external: “Rejecting unknown SIP connection from xxx.xx.x.xx I talked to my service provider and they said this happens because they use a … Read more