How to automatically test the audio quality of a telephone line that randomly goes bad?

I am a computer scientist and I’m working as sysadmin of a small firm where I’ve been managing also the telephone system that my predecessor put in place. Albeit I don’t really have the skill set for doing this, until now it was enough. Since the last few months however we are experiencing a strange … Read more

Intra-office PBX using analog phone lines

My office is planning to have an intra-office software-based intercom system. As USB phones are costly, is it possible to do them with analog phones (connecting to RJ-11) instead? The phones won’t have any connection to the PSTN network. Also, what software would you recommend? Answer If it’s a single physical location, the cheapest and … Read more

ShoreTel 230 phone calls from website

Our company uses these fancy ShoreTel 230 phones. We make many phone calls from our custom built web based contact management system. It would be nice if our employees could click on a phone number from a webpage and have it automatically start dialing the number. (Similar to how iPhone handles this) Anyone every deploy … Read more

Testing quality of sustained call quality to a Public number

While migrating from an old Avaya to Skype for Business (on-prem), I have been asked a few questions about call duration and call quality during maintenance. Questions stem from unclear answers from the team that manages the firewalls about how it could manage longer conference calls (2+ hours). The concern with maintenance is if we … Read more

How do I use ISDN debug on a Cisco router to troubleshoot PRI phone issues?

We have a Cisco 2811 with UCM E 7.0 running our phone system. It is connected to the PSTN by a VWIC2-1MFT-T1/E1 card connected to a PRI from the phone company. From time to time of late, we are experiencing fast-busy signals when trying to make outgoing calls (dial 9 for secondary dial-tone). At these … Read more