Solaris Service not showing any status in svcs

I’m creating a solaris service using SMF by following steps: Create SMF manifest Import manifest via svccfg Enable it using svcadm Check status using svcs Now in this process i had frequently added/deleted/modified the manifest. Sometimes i killed the service also. But suddenly it stopped showing any status in svcs. No logs are being generated … Read more


is possible to install FreeNas server on Sun Sparc Enterprise T5240 (Hardware compatibility),and how to do that? Thanks Answer as @Vladimir Botka is not possible as FreeNas 11.2 version look like as alternative could be Debian/ with ProxMox Ve for virtualization. AttributionSource : Link , Question Author : Zaman Oof , Answer Author : Zaman … Read more

Connection Timeout Issues – Solaris 11 SPARC

We’re currently running some performance tests using Solaris 11 (SPARC) on some large hardware. The tests, which consist of sending SOAP requests (50kb per request), are running well up until we get into the multiple of thousands of users i.e 30,000 users, where at ~ 2 minutes in we start seeing a number of Connection … Read more

Sun T2/Niagara Hardware Crypto Acceleration with Debian Linux?

I wanted to use an older T2 machine as a webserver for SSL heavy websites. With Solaris, there is the crypto acceleration available which would make sense for SSL. Now I am wondering if this crypto acceleration has ever been ported to Linux? # cat /etc/debian_version 7.7 # cat /proc/cpuinfo cpu : UltraSparc T2 (Niagara2) … Read more

Will Oracle sparc servers operate correctly with non-Oracle issued drives?

I’ve hunted high and low for the following information; I’m Currently doing some work on an oracle sparc T5-2 server, this line of work will require me to install some extra drives into the machine. I do not have any drives directly from oracle but i do have drives that match the description and specifications … Read more

Apache httpd reverse proxy on solaris only empty page

this is my httpd.conf file I tested reverse proxy without any virtual hosts in this first draft. Where is the problem? SSL is working fine by the way that is not the problem. # # This configuration file reflects default settings for Apache HTTP Server. # # You may change these, but chances are that … Read more

no contents shown when using ILOM Web Interface on SPARC

I accessed to ILOM web interface but the problem there isn’t any content just Tabs and description as shown Below: Info: SP firmware SP firmware build number: 48331 SP filesystem version: 0.1.22 OpenBoot 4.30.4 Server: Sparc T5240 I try: – reset /SP – reset /SYS – installation new solaries OS – Different Browsers Even … Read more

boot Debian installation through Console on SPARC

I’m trying to boot Debian for installation through SER MGT Console without VGA when trying to use: (0) ok boot cdrom – text Boot device: /pci@400/pci@0/pci@1/pci@0/usb@0,2/hub@4/device@4/storage@0/disk@0:f File and args: – text Bad magic number in disk label Can’t open disk label package ERROR: boot-read fail Can’t open boot device and {0} ok boot cdrom Boot … Read more